▸ We are a cross-lab MIT graduate student collective working on AI research with a focus on Algorithms That Learn and Scale.
▸ The group is open to all MIT affiliates, and to participate, contact the organizer. We currently host bi-weekly seminars and will have research socials in the future.
▸ Our coffee ☕ & baked goods 🍰 are currently funded by generous donations from Phillip Isola and Yoon Kim.
▸ We are looking for sponsors to increase our seminar snack capacity, fund research socials, and reimburse speaker travels. Please contact the organizers if interested.

Speaker schedule

  • 04/03 TBA Luca Soldaini (AI2)
  • 03/20 Efficient Deep Learning with Sparsity: Algorithms, Systems, and Applications Zhijian Liu
  • 03/12 Building and Deploying Large Language Model Applications Efficiently and Verifiably Ying Sheng (Stanford)
  • 03/06 In-Context Language Learning and N-gram Heads Ekin Akyürek
  • 02/21 Neurons, norms and number systems Jeremy Bernstein
  • 11/28 Sparsity in Transformers Shobhita Sundaram
  • 10/18 Large-Scale RNNs in the era of Transformers Bailin Wang
  • 11/01 Critical batch-size in deep learning Minyoung Huh (Jacob)
  • 10/18 Tensor Program Synthesis Han Guo
  • 10/04 Mixture of Experts (MOEs) Jyo Pari
  • 09/13 Speculative Decoding Aniruddha Nrusimha